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Clayborne’s offers you the entire collection of Briarwood Amish made beds in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles - truly something for everyone!  All of the briarwood beds are made of solid oak, and do not include bedding.  Twin sizes are available for most of the beds.  If you need a twin-size, please ask us for a price.

Please click on small images for full-size photo with details and prices.

briarwood mission bunk

Mission Bunk Bed

briarwood traditional bunk

Traditional Bunk Bed

briarwood trundle unit

Trundle Unit

briarwood drawer unit

Drawer Unit

briarwood poster bed

Poster Bed

briarwood windsor

Windsor Bed

briarwood cannonball bed

Cannonball Bed

paul's cannonball by briarwwod beds

Paul’s Cannonball Bed

briarwood high-back bed

High Back Bed

briarwood bookcase bed

Bookcase Bed

briarwood raised panel bed

Raised Panel Bed

briarwood's mission bed

Briarwood Mission Bed

briarwood pencil post bed

Pencil Post Bed

briarwood day bed

Day Bed

woodbury bed

Woodbury Bed

2.5-inch mission bed

2 1/2 Inch Mission Bed

Pediment Bed

briarwood old english bed

Old English Bed

4-inch mission bed

4 Inch Mission Bed

prairie mission bed

Prairie Mission Bed

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