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A number of areas on the Clayborne’s Amish Furniture site make reference to a number of different species of hardwood that you could possibly order your Amish made furniture in. We are providing this page to try to give you an idea of what all the different woods might look like. Things to note are the appearance of the grain in the wood, and some of the woods, such as red oak (slight reddish tint) and brown maple (starts slightly brown) already have certain tints to them, and some of that will also change depending on what stain(s) you choose.  Because screen colors vary, the safest thing to do if you are unsure of how your furniture might look is to stop at a local Sherwin Williams store if there is one near you, and ask to see how a specific stain might look on a certain wood sample. They should be able to show you that - you might call and ask first if you have to travel far. If you click on a wood sample a box will pop up with a larger sample in it.

Brown Maple Hardwood

Brown Maple

Hickory Hardwood


Cherry Hardwood


Red Oak Hardwood

Red Oak

Hard MapleHardwood

Hard Maple

Rustic Quarter-Sawn White Oak Hardwood

Rustic QS White Oak

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