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Pricing, Shipping and Return Policy Information

A Quick note about you seeing “Not Secure” or an “Open Padlock” icon on our website:
Clayborne’s DOES NOT take payments or do any type of payment processing through our website - it is merely a catalog of products, options, and approximate pricing. We handle any payment processing with you over the phone when we verify exactly what you are ordering. Therefore it is NOT necessary for our website to be secure as it does not capture ANY of your personal or financial information.

We have provided approximate pricing on our website for the convenience of our customers. Prices have increased dramatically due to current market and material availability conditions, and many of the item prices you see are considerably out of date! We will always provide you a quote with current pricing before you order.

Please use the prices you see here as a guide. While these prices are generally what we charge for the items you see, prices are subject to change from time to time. Many of these products are available from more than one supplier, and we try to obtain them at the lowest cost. Sometimes a vendor is out of stock on a piece we need, or stops supplying that piece, and we need to get it somewhere else - usually at a slightly different price. Of course we also have to take into account if you are buying a large amount of furniture (such as a whole dining room or bedroom set), in which case the pricing will generally reflect your quantity purchase!

Depending on how much you order, we will try to personally deliver to you if you are within a reasonable distance. When you inquire about our products let us know what state you are in and the approximate part of the state. Exact city or Zip Code if you don’t mind. Then we can let you know if we can deliver for you, or if we need to ship your products. Because we obtain many of our products from Ohio and Pennsylvania we actually have a quite large delivery area, and we can also arrange to meet you somewhere along the way if you have the means to transport your products yourself. We will be happy to try to find the best way for both of us to get our products to you. We have determined it is extremely expensive to ship furniture to Alaska and Hawaii. We would prefer to ship within the continental US only.

Return Policy

Clayborne’s has been selling furniture for over 26 years now, and just over 21 years on the web. In most of that 26+ years we have never needed any formal “policies” about how we do business - we do what we have to do to have a happy customer. Unfortunately, there are a few bad apples on every tree, and after having been burned several times now we feel that it is necessary to put a formal “return policy” into writing. So here it is:

Clayborne’s will make every effort to be sure that you are ordering and receiving the exact product you want. We will speak to you personally over the phone to arrange for payment, and to make sure you know what you are ordering, what color it comes in, what size it is, etc. If you need to be very specific about the color of your furniture, and “close enough” based on the color samples we have on the website is not certain enough for you (because the colors on displays vary), PLEASE visit a Sherwin Williams dealer in your area to get an exact stain color sample on red oak (unless you are ordering some other wood - then ask if they can show the colors on that wood). That eliminates any possible issues with how your particular display/device shows colors.

If Clayborne’s makes a mistake, such as shipping you the wrong item, the wrong sized item, or an item stained grossly different than you ordered (for example, you ordered light oak and got walnut), we will do whatever we need to do to fix it.

Because of the nature of shipping large, heavy objects, Clayborne’s ships everything insured or delivers it ourselves. If we deliver the item to you, both Roger and you will examine the items upon delivery for any damage. If we damage an item during delivery to you we will take care of it. If your items are shipped on a truck, inspect them IMMEDIATELY upon arrival, and make sure the driver writes down any visible damage to the item OR ITS PACKAGING on the shipping record BEFORE YOU SIGN IT. If an item is damaged in shipment it is the SHIPPING COMPANY’S responsibility to repair or replace the item or part of the item that is damaged. Clayborne’s will be happy to help you work with the shipper as needed to solve the problem, but understand that your items leave our store with no physical damage - ANY damage upon arrival has happened in shipping. It is also possible that there will be no visible damage to the outside of your package, but there can be concealed damage that you only see after you unpack it (usually caused by dropping or rough handling). Again, you must report this to the shipping company ASAP, and again, Clayborne’s is here to help.

If you order an item and then decide you don’t want it after it has been delivered, we will work with you to try to make you happy, but a lot depends on the item you ordered (whether it is an item and color we normally stock and sell often, or if it was special made just for you in a less-popular color, etc).
Clayborne’s reserves the right to not accept any custom ordered furniture for return, and if we do, in no circumstances will we refund the costs of shipping or delivering an item to you for an item you ordered but you don’t want. Clayborne’s also reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee on any returned furniture (which is usually what the manufacturer charges if they take an item back).  This will all be worked out, if needed, on a case by case basis.

If you order an item and cancel the order before construction begins on the item (usually within 3 - 5 days of the order) we can usually refund everything.

If you order an item and cancel the order after the item has been built and stained, Clayborne’s reserves the right to charge a 20% restocking fee to cover the cost of transportation fees between the manufacturer and stain shop, the possible need to refinish the item in some other color, etc. If your product is an item that had to be totally custom built for you (such as an odd-size pantry or something) we may not be able to cancel the order after the item is built. Again, each case will be dealt with individually.

In summary, we’re in business to impress you and have you be excited about and happy with your Amish Furniture investment, and we know you will be able to pass it on for generations, but we do have to protect ourselves from damage that is beyond our control, customers measuring wrong and finding out the product doesn’t fit when it gets there, and even little things like customers getting divorced during the 8+ weeks it takes to custom build a product and deciding they don’t want it anymore, deciding to move and it doesn’t fit in the new house, or some other interesting crisis develops. Even if we can find a way to take an item back, we will never refund the shipping (either way), and you may be subject to a 20% restocking fee.... No matter what happens, we will be fair, and we will work with you as best we can to solve any problems that might occur.

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