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Clayborne’s is happy to present the beginning of our new collection of Amish made dining room chairs, starting with the popular bow back style of chair.  We are now be able to provide our customers with a much broader line of chairs, and a wider variety of styles and many more woods.  These are just the beginning. You will now find that almost all of our chairs are available in oak and cherry for sure, and many, such as our 7 spindle and 9 spindle chairs are also available in maple, hickory and walnut.

Please click on small images for full-size photo with details and prices.

Click here to see details on the construction of these chairs

7 Spindle Bow Back

#12C 7 Spindle Bow Back

Amish High Back Feather Chair

#PN4 High Back Feather

Oak Bent Paddle Back Chair

#PN9 Bent Paddle Back

See Also:

9 Spindle Bow Back

#16C 9 Spindle Bow Back

High Back Arrow

#PN5 High Back Arrow

Oak Counter Stools and Bar Stools

Pioneer Counter Stools

Low Back Feather

#PN1 Low Back Feather

Amish High Back Spindle Chair

#PN6 High Back Spindle

Oak Bar Stools

Pioneer Barstools

Amish Made Kitchen Tables

Amish Made Dining Room Tables

Amish Low Back Arrow

#PN2 Low Back Arrow

Low Back Bent Feather

#PN7 Low Back Bent Feather

Bow Back Oak Desk Chairs and Rockers

Pioneer Desk Chairs and Rockers

Low Back Spindle

#PN3 Low Back Spindle

Amish High Back Bent Feather

#PN8 High Back Bent Feather

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