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Red Wagon

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heavy duty red wagon with removable sides and balloon tires - chadley clayborne not included

At Clayborne’s, we believe in customer service - just ask any of our customers. To do this you have to be trained at a young age!  Here Chadley Clayborne, perfectly color coordinated for the job, shows off our heavy duty red wagon.  This is not your typical wagon, as it features air filled balloon tires riding on ball bearing wheels for a smoother ride, grease fittings to keep it in top shape, removable sides, and a sturdy base that will have Dad and Mom stealing it to move stuff around the yard. Throw in a special “no tip” steering mechanism for safety and you’re all set. Chadley says no kid should be without one of these, and he has visions of having a whole fleet of them someday.....

Box measures 36” Long, 17.5” wide and 9” high

(Sorry, price does not include Chadley Clayborne!)

Red Wagon, as shown (requires assembly): $150.00


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