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Clayborne’s has some of the most unique Amish made solid hardwood specialty seating you’ll find on the web.  Perfect for your dining room, living room, kitchen, den, bar or even the garage or workshop, you’ll find our line of solid oak stools, children’s chairs, and other novelty chairs to be right up your alley.  The customers in our store all rave about our solid oak saddle stool, and how comfortable it is - available in 3 different heights, with or without a saddle horn on the front, and now they are available with horse hoofs at the bottom of the legs!  Our tractor seat stool combines a solid oak stool base with a swiveling steel tractor seat - available in a variety of colors, and also very comfortable.  No furniture store is complete without the traditional high chair, and ours is sturdily crafted by the Amish out of solid oak, and will surely last until you’re done raising toddlers, but wait - we also have our unique 3-in-1 chair that can be used as a high chair, rocking horse and a study desk!  When your children get older we can offer our solid oak child’s rocker in a variety of styles, and we also have a child size table and chairs - the perfect place to put the kids during a family gathering.

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amish oak saddle stool with horn solid oak amish oak saddle stool with hoofs plain solid oak saddle stool by the amish amish solid oak wagon seat chair
solid oak saddle stool rocking chair - with horn

Solid Oak Saddle Stool with Horn

Rocking Oak Saddle Stool with Horn

Solid Oak Saddle Stool with Horn and Hooves!

Solid Oak Plain Saddle Stool

Solid Oak Wagon Seat Chair

Solid oak sheafback toddler chair made by the Amish

Solid Oak Sheaf Back Toddler Chair

amish furniture solid oak child chair desk rocking horse amish crafted child size rocker amish made oak high chair

Unique 3 in 1 Chair in Solid Oak

Solid Oak Child Size Rocker

Solid Oak Flip Top High Chair

tractor seat stool - amish made of oak amish furniture oak hardwood spring meadow chair
hardwood glider bench amish solid oak

Solid Oak Glider Bench

Oak and Steel Tractor Seat Stool

Spring Meadow Chair

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